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#1 Re: Crypton Purchase, Sale and Exchange » Crypton Exchange - vote for new coin » 2021-11-27 08:42:08

coinpower;1098 wrote:

<p>I even think when you add monero to the DEX of Utopia P2P it has the potential to become the best DEX exchange in the world. I think coin projects will come to Utopia and asked to get listed on the Utopia exchange. Tradeogre was nothing before 2021, it got this much attention because of their non-KYC the privacy communty love this way of thinking and I bet 100% that this platform Utopia could be 10 times bigger than Tradeogre, Tradeogre is just an exchange and thats it, Utopia has a complete infrastructure. But to built this we need a basis and I think it is Monero, I am active in crypto since 2012/2013 and I saw what happend in the crypto world. If we want to fight back we must do it with the right tools. Monero is the mother of privacy in the privacy communtiy it would blow Utopia platform to the moon. People will come from the right places not only moonboys that want to make money quik and run away we need a stable communty that understand privacy. BNB will attract moonboys and trust me this are the people you do not want. They dont care about privacy they care about dollars and thats it when the markt turns down, utopia will come in a bad view because this BNB boys dont respect long term visions. (most of them)</p>

agree this platform ,utopia vision is exactly that suits monero community i vote for xmr/crp and crp/xmr

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