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#1 Re: Off Topic » Tips for Keeping Your Data Private Online » 2021-01-19 09:29:47

Dr-Hack;161 wrote:

<p>I wrote a blog, few years ago which explains how you can delete your cyber footprint by doing some easy steps like :<br />Step 1 – Recalling Emails<br />Step 2 – Deleting Ghost Accounts<br />Step 3 – Check if Hacked<br />Step 4 – Ask Google to Forget You<br />Step 5 – Disable Google Tracking<br />Step 6 – Delete Old E-Mails<br />Step 7 – Securing Accounts<br />Step 8 – Protect Your Internet<br />Step 9 – Disposable Accounts<br />Step 10 – Deleting Internet Content</p><p>just some small little steps !!!</p><p>complete article is accessible on utopia : <a href="https://blog.drhack.net/how-to-delete-your-digital-footprint/" rel="nofollow">https://blog.drhack.net/how-to-delete-y … footprint/</a> <img src="http://utalk/img/smilies/smile.png" width="15" height="15" alt="smile" /></p>

Thanks. Right on the shelves all painted. And this is really the surest way!

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