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#1 Re: Developer Thread » Create and sell a game in utopia with payment in CRP. » 2022-10-08 20:39:22

Well, I admit I will be the first one concerned about the direction of how to link the Game + Utopia Mission, Vision, and Values.
Privacy and anonymity based video game witch availability to become a play to earn would be such a launchpad to the entire ecosystem  cool  cool

And most important! similar to Legend of Zelda extra value!

#2 Re: General Discussion » What is currently missing within the ecosystem? » 2022-10-08 20:30:05

I don't think a "crazy idea" is the clue for solving the small engagement of users.
Just a reason to stay out any economical value main interest.
A reason to log in daily, to be active on chats and forums, to get involved with the developing roadmap...
Don't know, reopen thread (?)

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