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#1 Video Reviews and Shows » Utopia on YouTube » 2022-01-10 18:04:06

Replies: 35

Are there tech bloggers who do project reviews? It would be interesting to subscribe to them to see reviews about project development, etc. immediately.

#2 Re: Merchants Accepting Crypton » Payment gateway with crp? » 2022-01-10 17:55:35

Cromanes;1311 wrote:
Posi;1307 wrote:

This is the first time I will hear about Utopia Pay and merely looking at it, it's an incredible idea but with Crypton exchange haven't added pairs for top coins like BTC which the crypto used mostly for crypto payment around the world. Is it possible to reach BTC, CRP, USDT, ETH payment using Utopia Pay?

As for me "Utopia pay" is a good development, but useless at this time of development and need to attract the movement and liquidity of cryptocurrency CRP and steilbkoin UUSD. In exchange markets, and then gradually promote it, as I think.

but, on the other hand, sales can increase liquidity. and all of this has to be done at the same time

#3 Re: General Discussion » Unofficial Roadmap » 2022-01-10 17:44:01

I am interested in reading the project plan.

I will be following it closely.

#4 Re: General Discussion » Utopia in India » 2022-01-10 17:38:50

Utopia in India will help young people get more prospects and opportunities, to get out of the pit of poverty. it is important to give them this chance.

Besides, I am sure there are many very talented people living there!

#5 Re: Mining and Proof-of-Stake » Miner POS staking » 2022-01-10 17:34:42


Thank you very much for your reply, I will follow your advice! have a nice day smile

Cromanes;1370 wrote:

<div class="quotebox"><cite>Vicob;1363 wrote:</cite><blockquote><div><p>Hello. I want to earn on pos. how much cryptocurrency do i need to invest in pos to earn 100$ and where can i find more information? thanks in advance for the answer!</p></div></blockquote></div><p>Hi. PoS earnings of $100 is certainly an interesting goal, but for such a ratio it is worth to buy a huge amount of CRP and expect with an open application on the background of Utopias. There&#039;s a messenger to look at.</p>

#6 Re: General Discussion » Utopia and Crypton (CRP) in 2022 » 2022-01-10 17:26:26

In 2022, I expect Utopia to have a more modern interface and mobile app.

The visual part makes a huge difference!

#7 Re: Developer Thread » web portal for betting games » 2022-01-10 17:16:56

This is a great idea. The main thing is to be comfortable to use, otherwise there will be no desire, no matter how well done, the visual part is also important.

#8 Re: Developer Thread » API » 2022-01-10 17:14:13

are there any examples of unique uses of the utopia API? it would be interesting to explore.

#9 Re: General Discussion » games in utopia » 2022-01-10 16:56:00

There is one more suggestion.

You could create a leaderboard that would be recorded on the blockchain.

I think this should motivate people to play more inside the Utopia client.

#10 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2022-01-10 16:43:55

the next three posts will be on the following topics:

1. Analysis of the work of Charles Bukowski

2. The concept of the story line of a work.

3. Analysis of "Fight Club" by Charles Palahniuk

#11 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2022-01-10 16:35:00

Hi, today I published the first post on my channel.

If you're interested, come on over and read it.

Just a reminder of the channel ID


#12 Re: Articles and News » Newsletters to other resources » 2022-01-09 19:08:50

Hello. Thank you for the resource you sent me.

But why can't it be found on the official website? 

I will add it to my bookmarks.

#13 Re: Developer Thread » APP Idea: Utopia GIT » 2022-01-09 19:04:12

I think this idea sounds interesting, but there can be a lot of nuances to it.

There are already some similar solutions on other platforms, but they work very poorly compared to GitHub.

So until a good architecture for such a solution is proposed, it will be very difficult to implement.

#14 Re: Crypton Purchase, Sale and Exchange » Crypton Exchange - Native trading experience with Utopia » 2022-01-09 18:55:37

What are the prospects for listing on binace?

This is the main exchange I use. it is difficult and inconvenient to constantly withdraw from one exchange to another.

Because there are too many exchange commissions.

#15 Re: Video Reviews and Shows » Utopia – Decentralized Peer to Peer Ecosystem | Utopia USD | Exchange » 2022-01-09 18:45:37

great interview, Dr-Hack. is there a specific resource where you can watch more interviews and podcasts? I'd be very interested in that.

#16 Re: General Discussion » games in utopia » 2022-01-09 18:39:09

I suggest the following games:

1. chess.

2. go.

3. other types of poker.

4. something similar to monopoly.

I suggest definitely adding the ability to bet CRP on your winnings.

#17 General Discussion » games in utopia » 2022-01-09 18:29:57

Replies: 78

I recently played poker at utopia, and I was even hooked.

So I think that games in utopia are very promising for retaining people.

Do you have any ideas about what games could be added to the utopia ecosystem?

#18 Re: Mining and Proof-of-Stake » how to mine CRP » 2022-01-09 18:12:53

I have a question for those who are already mining. what are your successes and does it make sense now to do it? what are the prospects for mining in general?

#19 Re: Mining and Proof-of-Stake » how to mine CRP » 2022-01-09 18:08:26

jackson;1325 wrote:

<p>Public IP address (Static IP)</p><p>how important is this? - i don&#039;t know if i have it<br />I&#039;m currently mining with virtualbox deb linux - it appears to be running and mining - but i don&#039;t know if this is actually working because - Public IP address (Static IP) ?</p><p>thanks</p>

It should probably work fine, because there's no other reason why it shouldn't work, but that's not certain.

#20 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2022-01-09 18:03:17

what topics will be covered on the literary channel. several points are planned:

1. how to structure your text correctly. we mean sentence structures, a detailed analysis of the correct construction of paragraphs.

2. dramaturgy of literary works. to correctly build a filled text, it is necessary to know what super-task it has, its ideology, how to correctly put the idea in the work.

3. analysis of the dramaturgical idea, plot and script course of short fiction works of popular authors.

4. short summaries of the works of modern authors.

this project is aimed at the development of creativity in people. i will be immensely happy to every reader!

#21 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2022-01-09 17:49:11

hi. as promised, a link to the literary channel. i will make an effort to make it interesting for people!


#22 Re: Questions and Help » Ucode Utopia » 2022-01-08 18:32:51

And one more separate question. Utopia has crypto cards. Can I create a ucode separately for these crypto cards?

#23 Questions and Help » Ucode Utopia » 2022-01-08 18:24:38

Replies: 2

Utopia has Ucode, but I don't understand how it works or what it's for. if it reads Qrcode the same way, can I attach it to my clothes or something? I would like to get to the bottom of this issue.

#24 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2022-01-08 18:12:41

Cromanes;1366 wrote:
Vicob;1364 wrote:

I want to create a channel for writers on the topic of modern literature. how do i find subscribers? will it be of interest to people?

Honestly, no. Unfortunately, the community is very small and unlikely that they will be interested in it at this point in time. But to create it is worth it, I think that some promotion in the Utopia ecosystem will help you promote this channel. And you can also try to recommend from outside the ecosystem.

And can I have a link to your group please?

For now, no group has been created. the idea came to me today. still, i want to create a channel because i think utopia has great prospects. i will send the link tomorrow when i make out the channel. thank you for your interest in my channel.

#25 General Discussion » Utopia in India » 2022-01-08 18:07:58

Replies: 10

I've seen many topics about utopia in china, but none about India. so why is India a good fit for utopia? there are several reasons. India has a lot of poor people, and there is only one monopoly there - WhatsApp. so utopia has every chance of becoming a monopoly, especially if utopia has a mobile app. because most people in India don't have a computer. only a smartphone. do you think that makes sense?

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