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#1 General Discussion » Extension system » 2020-12-04 16:06:53

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hope that Utopia will launch a promotion system, which will be more conducive to the promotion of Utopia
For example, you can post in any famous forum to promote Utopia and get rewarded
For example, the establishment of Utopia promotion group chat, hit a certain number of people can also be rewarded
The above needs to be verified manually
For example, if new promoters join Utopia, they can enter their own promotion code and get rewards when they are active up to a certain level (this is the most important way to promote now, but I need to prevent brushes. For the moment, I don't have a better way because the foundation of Utopia is anonymity We can't ask people to use fingerprints or faces or any other privacy violation verification.)
The source of the reward can call on everyone to donate CRP as much as possible
And use the donation list and donation ranking medal in the forum, which can be displayed on the client. (or donation ranking has some other practical use)
Maybe my idea is not mature, but now Utopia's efforts in listing and promotion are very poor
In short, we hope that 1984 can launch a promotion system with incentives, so that all users of Utopia can work hard

#2 Developer Thread » API » 2020-12-04 10:59:20

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1. Open the API associated with wallets;
2. Allow uploading and using third-party plug-ins (approved by the government and the community);
3. Can the private key be enabled

#3 Re: Official Announcements » We are excited to launch uTalk » 2020-11-21 12:32:55

This is an important step in the development of Utopian ecosystem, which can gather Utopian fans and the team to have direct communication channels, so that fans can clearly know the progress of the project and hope that the ecosystem will be better and better

#4 Re: General Discussion » Crypton (CRP) price » 2020-11-21 12:29:22

价格会随着生态发展和即将到来的 APP 推出 去中心化交易系统 棋牌娱乐系统 等 持续上涨

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