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#2 Off Topic » Is Utopia a concealed miner? » 2021-02-18 18:20:21

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I think this should be moved to FAQ, but since I don't know where I should post it, I post it here.
I will answer this question in easiest way possible: games. I picked games that I have on my computer, and most of them are old. V-Sync is always on, so max FPS is 60. Also, resolution is always native (1366x768). Keep in mind that Utopia can use up to 27% of CPU power in my case, and it doesn't drop if Task Manager is open, if it is a real miner - it's a really bad miner.

Computer specs are: i3-6006U (2 cores 2 threads) + 920MX + 8GB RAM and second monitor which needs some computing power, too.

Network mode in Utopia was set to Normal traffic mode.

OS: Windows 10 Pro version 20H2 without any modifications.

FPS monitoring software: RivaTuner Server.

Need For Speed Underground 2. Ultra settings, besides over bright because it's annoying.

  Utopia online: 30 FPS, without lags or FPS drops. Playable.

  Utopia offline: 60 FPS.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Emulator: Citra Nightly 1694 with 4x Native (1600x960) internal resolution. Everything else is default.

  Utopia online: 37-45 FPS with drops to 6 FPS sometimes. Playable... maybe
  Utopia offline: same, but without any drops. Playable.

  Euro Truck Simulator 2/TruckersMP. Medium graphics preset. City: Berlin.

  Utopia online: 55 fps if nobody is arround you and 33 if there are a few players arround you. Playable.
  Utopia offline: same results

Before this, I tested old games with poor graphics. But now...

  Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012). Ultra LOW graphics.

  Utopia online: 60 FPS, can drop at difficult scenes which hurts your eyes. Sometimes even 25 FPS drops! It is recommended to lock FPS   
  to 30.

  Utopia offline: Almost perfect 60 FPS.

Now I will add results with a miner on. I will test only one game - Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012. Race: Downtown Run and ultra LOW graphics.

Miner: MinerGate xFast Miner version v.1.7. Only 1 processor core was used. Coin: XMR.

Utopia online: 50 FPS at begining of the race, 37 at the end, with one drop to 25 FPS.

Miner online: 50-60 FPS at begining, 30 at the end with a drop to 17 once upon a time.

Utopia is not a miner!
Update: when I switched to MinerGate when test was over I've seen that it didn't mine. And crashed when I clicked something.

#3 Re: General Discussion » What is currently missing within the ecosystem? » 2021-02-16 20:22:27

We need some kind of monthly survey. Every time major update is released, every month, for 1984 to understand what people want. In Idyll, for example, it's really annoying that you can't change any settings. It feels just like Firefox but worse.

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