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#1 Re: Merchants Accepting Crypton » Payment gateway with crp? » 2021-11-04 10:39:05

sorry I just saw the post right after. I have the answer to my question. Thank you

#2 Re: Merchants Accepting Crypton » Payment gateway with crp? » 2021-11-04 10:37:56

@Saahil Thank you for this link.
Is there an operating mode for transposing utopiapay to another site (API example) ?

#3 Re: Mining and Proof-of-Stake » how to mine CRP » 2021-11-04 10:27:09

A little tip for those who use a VPS as a host for crypton mining

Normally when you connect via ssh (putty example) and you launch the mining bot
#./uam --pk (YOU PUBLIC KEY) as soon as you close the putty or terminal software the mining bot stops. To solve this problem we have opted for the solution of using a linux screen terminal emulator.

Here is the tutorial to install the screen emulator :

5 - Install Screen (SSH emulator for game server)
#apt-get install screen

6 - Launch Screen

7 - change the UAM directory

8 - Launch the CRYPTON mining BOT

You can close SSH
there are also other solutions that I will detail later. Good mining ;-)

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