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#26 Re: Off Topic » [Giveaway] $30 worth of CRP for Utopia users » 2021-03-30 18:19:11

CThinker - Winner

Congrats !!! please contact me in Utopia

Giveaway Winner Draw Video : https://youtu.be/C9Ysx2PDi_A

#27 Re: Off Topic » NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID » 2021-03-30 18:13:22

From the limited information I have , I would suggest to ensure the clock of your PC including your BIOS time is up to date , tell me after syncing the time. These errors are common when your clock is not synced ...

#28 Re: Off Topic » [Giveaway] $30 worth of CRP for Utopia users » 2021-03-29 14:34:16

Alright folks ...giveaway is closed , I extended it to get few more entries , will be drawing winners soon .....

Giveaway Close for new participants ....

#29 Re: Off Topic » [Giveaway] $30 worth of CRP for Utopia users » 2021-03-22 17:38:35

theothebandit;450 wrote:

That's a good way to promote.

haha yeah , last time people said that there shouldn't be any clear net platform ..so keeping it all inside Utopia smile

#30 Off Topic » [Giveaway] $30 worth of CRP for Utopia users » 2021-03-22 17:21:46

Replies: 23


Let's do a quick giveaway

Comment under this post and Join Hackology channel on Utopia and you will be eligible to win $30 worth of Crypton at the time of termination of this Giveaway !!!!!

as simple as that wink

Giveaway will end on 28th March 2021

Let's go

#31 Re: Off Topic » Cryptocat 3D Model » 2021-03-16 22:00:36

Now just need to paint this up big_smile


#32 Re: Crypton Purchase, Sale and Exchange » Crypton Exchange - Native trading experience with Utopia » 2021-03-12 17:39:27

CRP Exchange needs to reach out CMC / GOINGECKO /CG and other coin listing platforms to list CRP.is as an exchange and show the trading activity done on crp.is on their platforms ...

#33 Re: General Discussion » Network bandwidth » 2021-03-01 17:55:56

Because its p2p , any decentralized network is slow especially when it has to perform so much task ... syncing every network action with every client and maintaining the hierarchy of msg's ,inbox chat etc ...

Utopia is not slow as there is some fault but it is slow for the initial syncs because of reasons mentioned above, have your tried visiting some utopia optimized sites ? that is not slow, because those get offered by just checking the network against the registered client running the uNS and fetching data from them.

Obstacles have been highlighted, I can't speak for the team what they are doing to increase speed which we are so accustomed off due to centralized servers but if something on the lines could be done, like I run my own miner which is sort of my relay station and whenever I come online my miner quickly updates my client for the time I was offline ... that could greatly help and the same miner can help me in generating CRYPTONs and keep my client and chat quick


#34 Re: Off Topic » Is Utopia a concealed miner? » 2021-02-22 19:13:10

That is some really neat and simple analysis which everyone can reproduce

#35 Re: Off Topic » Virus » 2021-02-22 19:09:21

Unfortunately that is a Ransomware. The basic rule is if the infection was done through an online ransomware there is hardly anything you can do.
emsisoft.com provides information on various ransomware you can look for ...

#36 Off Topic » Cryptocat 3D Model » 2021-02-13 15:18:47

Replies: 2
If you want to get a 3D Print of Utopia' Crypto Cat , you can get one by using the 3D Models available :


1. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4759127
2. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d … cat-154043

Thanks to @Gresgalt for sharing these in the community !!!

#37 Re: General Discussion » Is the utopia ecosystem suitable for conducting opposition activities? » 2021-02-07 18:55:37

Utopia is decentralized and censorship free platform, it can not be shut down and what activities are carried out by like minded communities can not be censored/muted/deleted/modified because there is no central server controlling it, as I said 'decentralized'

Anything can be built over Utopia with it's API . for instance CRP.is is an exchange using the same API and see how well incorporated it is

Mobile app hopefully should come in this YEAR. We all are waiting for it anxiously !!

#38 Re: General Discussion » BUG: Utopia client process does not close properly when signing out » 2021-02-03 16:25:00

I was able to re-produce the same this issue while using the "Sign out" option. I am sure by now it must have been reported to the team through the problem support portal, after all they reward users who help them in fixing ...
Someone should do it after testing it out first

#39 Re: Off Topic » How to isolate a home server from the local network? » 2021-01-26 19:16:15

you will need to isolate your pi from rest of the server, none of your other devices should be able to connect to your pi through the lan, but only through the wan , that is one way of keeping things tight.
you will need to monitor and apply hardened network policies. Asking a friend to probe your network will allow you to find the weak spots if any

#40 Re: Off Topic » Spywares and Privacy Mantra » 2021-01-26 18:33:18

Assuming your machine is infected in that case your AV might not behave the way it is suppose too ..
However, I would recommend you try out Malwarebytes -it has a name in industry [https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/] . If it still detects any malware the most simple way which I often do on machines which need some cleaning.

Make a Live USB with a Windows ISO and boot from the LIVE USB. now your master drive (HDD) is dormant and not running anything. Once booted into the live usb download Malwarebytes and give your HDD a deep scan and remove what ever virus it shows. Once all comes up clean you boot back in your actual OS and it shouldn't have any virus anymore.

Virus often inject themselves to the data streams of the running processes and as the file is in use at times it is difficult for AV to get a finger on them.

There are two things you should be aware off .
1. If your OS is badly infected, cleaning your OS through the above mentioned method may leave your OS not able to boot any more and you will need to resort to recovery methods
2. AV's do show false positives if you play games and have various mods /hack tools etc .. for instance CheatEngine is detected as a Virus while it's a very good moding tool..

Download stuff from reputed sources only and only keeping Windows Security updated is enough, be mindful that running more then one AV would do more harm thn good.

Hope it helps !!!

#41 Re: Off Topic » Using "Run as Administrator" from a User Account » 2021-01-26 18:21:43

Some programs require Admin rights to program and as a VPN requires to connect through virtual NIC it can not do that without admin access ... it's a very good practice that you do not use your computer with an Administrator account. Windows has rolled out Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC) [https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/window … ty-control] which keeps check on programs granted admin access through a non-admin account (user account) and ensures that the privilege is not extended to any other executable .

So the administrator rights only extend to your VPN i.e. PIA in your instance

You are good to go

#42 Re: Articles and News » Don't follow the rules? Then you're a potential victim! » 2021-01-20 17:25:27

That's a good share and very insightful .. I hope every individual take these basic precautions to be safe

#43 Re: Video Reviews and Shows » Dr Hack on Utopia, the Decentralized Ecosystem | Blockchain Interviews » 2021-01-17 20:44:53

Bhawk;104 wrote:

we need to spread the word as much as possible! smile

Hey, you are one of the winners , I would like you to contact me in Utopia so I can validate your entries and we can move forward with prize distribution

#44 Re: Articles and News » Mikrotik and Mining » 2021-01-16 21:06:52

This is very detailed and Informative , I am sure many will find it helpful ...

Thanks for sharing

#45 Re: Off Topic » Tips for Keeping Your Data Private Online » 2021-01-16 21:03:11

I wrote a blog, few years ago which explains how you can delete your cyber footprint by doing some easy steps like :
Step 1 – Recalling Emails
Step 2 – Deleting Ghost Accounts
Step 3 – Check if Hacked
Step 4 – Ask Google to Forget You
Step 5 – Disable Google Tracking
Step 6 – Delete Old E-Mails
Step 7 – Securing Accounts
Step 8 – Protect Your Internet
Step 9 – Disposable Accounts
Step 10 – Deleting Internet Content

just some small little steps !!!

complete article is accessible on utopia : https://blog.drhack.net/how-to-delete-y … footprint/ smile

#46 Re: Сontests, Сompetitions and Giveaways » [CRP Giveaway] 3 x Winners can win a Total of 500 Crypton » 2021-01-15 15:23:25

Giveaway Closed - I will be drawing winner and Announcing in this Post shortly !!!

#47 Re: Сontests, Сompetitions and Giveaways » [CRP Giveaway] 3 x Winners can win a Total of 500 Crypton » 2021-01-10 12:42:45

Due to the sudden Price increase in Crypton , I am extending the duration of this giveaway for few days !!!

#48 Re: Crypton Purchase, Sale and Exchange » Crypton Exchange - Native trading experience with Utopia » 2021-01-09 17:54:06

Awesome Work , a clearnet version of this service will greatly help and make CRP more easily accessible to the masses

Keep up the good work, Spreading the word while at it

#49 Re: Off Topic » Breaking the ice » 2021-01-09 16:43:24

Bhawk;106 wrote:

Im a falconer, i also practice archery, bladesmithing, animal husbandry, im fascinated by network security, motorbikes both (riding and building)

You have some interesting hobbies !!!
my hobbies revolve around tech , so they won't be much interesting

#50 Сontests, Сompetitions and Giveaways » [CRP Giveaway] 3 x Winners can win a Total of 500 Crypton » 2021-01-03 12:11:47

Replies: 3

Hello Utopia Community,

Time to do a 500 CRP giveaway !!!!

To Participate :

- Comment under This Post
- View and Comment on Utopia Interview Video on EventChain YouTube Channel. Do leave a constructive and healthy comment
- Follow @Hackology on Twitter
- Like, RT and Comment on this Tweet
- Leave a comment on the Utopia1984 subreddit

Participation Rules :

- uTalk Forum members can participate only
- Multiple accounts for multiple entries will result in disqualification


- 3 x Winners will be selected through a random draw.
- 1st winner will get 250 CRP , 2nd Winner will get 150 CRP and 3rd Winner will get 100 CRP
- First draw will be for 1st Winner and so on
- Once the winners will be drawn they will be contacted for validation if they meet all the participation criteria, in case of failure next person will be drawn.
- If 1st Winner is disqualified due to any reason , 2nd Winner will take place of 1st and 3rd Winner will become 2nd and new draw will be carried out for the vacant slot only

Time :
- Giveaway will terminate at 10 January 2021, Date may be extended due to user demand but will be notified prior to the termination date

Clearnet Visitors : If you are currently not on Utopia, Download Utopia Client from https://u.is/ and join Hackology channel and you will know what we are talking about smile

Do invite your friends as more user interest merits frequent future giveaways smile. Do share this in Utopia Channels. 

Best of Luck


Winners :

4. anonymouse

Draw Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UESl_jRw6EI

Bhawk has not reached out to me after waiting for days so participant #4 is being considered
so our Winners are : @SparKrisp , @Saahil & @anonymouse

Congrats !!!

Winners please contact me so I can confirm you followed all the steps and give your prize !!!

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