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Utopia is the future of the darknet? CRIME like TOR?

Utopia is the future of the darknet? There will be the same crime as in ONION / I2P
Please do not delete the question, I am only interested in terms of investing in krypton.
I want to understand if the Utopia project allows everything the same as ONION allows?
After all, everyone understands, let's not engage in self-deception and hypocrisy, the success of the anonymous cryptocurrencies of the Monero, Zcash, Dash tier is due solely and only to criminals, drug dealers, hackers and other illegal elements.
Law-abiding people have nothing to hide and do not need such anonymity. And there are thousands of other applications that can provide privacy.
Therefore, I am asking a legitimate question.
Cryptocurrency CRP can become the new Monero and even more, but this can only happen if utopia is a new darknet where absolutely everything is possible without censorship and control, just like ONION and I2P
It is clear that krypton has a future only if drug traffickers and other black markets enter the utopian ecosystem.
Is it possible? From nobody will block and delete?
If so, investing in krypton is a profitable business.
If not, then all this utopia of yours is just a childish illusion of freedom, which, in fact, does not give any freedom and does not differ in any way from a police clearnet.


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