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Mining on Windows with Hyper-V

A complete guide to mining crypton. Virtual machines

This will be a small guide on how to mine krypton on virtual machines if you are rather lazy and have no desire to install linux and understand it. This guide is pretty straightforward as I provide a fully working version of the virtual machine that I just have to download and install.

System requirements

1.More than 4GB of RAM.
2.More than 4 CPU cores
3.Static white IP address + UPNP and NAT enabled on the router + high-speed Internet
4.SSD disc

Let's analyze the points in more detail:
1. You must have more than 4 GB of RAM, this applies when you run virtual machines or just on your computer. For example, if I run a bot on a virtual machine, and allocate exactly 4096 MB, then it will not start, since the operating system will also take up part of the memory. When I used virtual machines, I allocated 4500 MB each.

2. With the cores, everything is probably clear, allocate exactly 4 cores, no more, no less.

3.This point unites everything about the network. To get started, you must have a normal router. First of all, it is needed to cope with the loads. I myself have two providers in my apartment, on one I have mining, on the other like a regular network for home use. As for the Internet connection, it is advised to proceed from the formula, 10 Mbps - 1 bot. But it's better not to take it into a dense one. Also, the provider should give you a static white IP address. Also you need to enable UPNP on the router and NAT

4. SSD is a must, since the hard drive will simply not keep up, but it will do to run one bot. Moreover, it is  more comfortable to work on an SSD.

Virtual machines

There are many hypervisors. But let's touch on the most popular ones.
I managed to use three on windows: VMWARE, VirtualBox and Hyper V. The most efficient and fastest is Hyper-V, so we'll talk about it.
If you just want to try running bots, then your home operating system will do, but if you plan on running a lot of bots, then I would recommend Windows Server 2012 R2 with a GUI. But also no one bothers you to run window server hyper-v on a special operating system, if you are not afraid of the command line.
To install hyper-v in windows 10, you just need to write this command in powershell on behalf of the administrator:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V -All

Next, you will be asked to reboot, do it. For the smallest and laziest, I have hosted my virtual machine on a google drive. So that you do not run on chats in utopia, and do not ask how to install Linux and the like. A completely ready-made virtual machine, in which you just need to register your public key, and which itself will launch the bot when the virtual machine starts. Download the file, unzip it, and we will proceed to the hyper-v settings
https://drive.google.com/file/d/13-AYGv … sp=sharing

Configuring Hyper-V

In a search engine, you should find Hyper-v, open it. You will be asked to indicate "select computer", select the local computer. Next, go to the virtual switch manager. We need to create an external virtual switch. It will give you a name, give it a utopia, and make sure it plugs in the network adapter you are using. Click apply. We pass into the projected machine. Select the folder with the newly unzipped file. Import type "copy virtual machine (create a new unique indicator)". Poke further, if you display an error with a virtual switch, check that you have created a virtual switch and named it utopia. Wait for the virtual copy to be copied.

Setting up a virtual machine

Click start and connect to the virtual machine. After turning on, I advise you to check the Internet connection with the ping command

ping google.com

If something displays, then there is Internet access. Ctrl + c end ping
Let's edit the configuration file to start the bots with a command, where you need to register your public key, in place of yourPublicKey.

nano utopia.bash

Having registered the public key, press Ctrl + x, then y, then enter.
We have constructed a script to launch the bot. We reboot the virtual machine. If you did everything correctly, the bot should start, you can check it with the command

screen -ls
screen -r "name of the process that printed screen -ls"

After 5-7 minutes, the bot will download the blockchain and you will see a mining active message. It gives an upnp not detected error, check that you have upnp enabled on your router. The mining reward comes every 15 minutes when it starts mining its first block from start to finish.

Thank you all for your attention, I will be glad if I helped someone.

If you want to express gratitude or ask a question, then write to uns "youtube"

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