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#1 2020-12-05 15:32:34

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Utopia Client Version 1.0.7058

The new Flat theme is interesting with updated version of Idyll

Whats New

•  New color theme added
•  Idyll browser updated

Fixed in version

•  Scrollbar not reset after focus change
•  Help section fixed, all sections are brought up to date
•  Blurred field outline and icons in Welcome Tour fixed
•  Line wrapping in the packet forwarding section fixed

Known issues

•  Scroll in the log field in the Updater tab goes up after UAC confirmation
•  After entering, Channel is displayed in the Offline channels group
•  Date divisor duplicates after deleting a pinned message
•  With the double click on the contact, a popup appears that user is offline if at this time IM tab is open
•  Contact list is not relevant, user is not on the list after quick entry/exit from Channel 
•  User that created the channel does not see his record in the Last registered channel block in Sync Channels window
•  Issues related to the usage of alternative languages 
•  OS-specific bugs


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