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Breaking the "Black Box" of Security in DBs, Data Warehouses, and Data

Most areas, such as the corporate network, endpoints, servers, and cloud infrastructure, are typically well-visible to security teams. They take advantage of this visibility to impose the necessary security and compliance requirements. This is not the case with sensitive data stored in production or analytic databases, data warehouses, or data lakes.

To locate sensitive data and enforce access controls and security policies, security teams must rely on data teams. This is causing major problems for both the security and data teams. It erodes the company's security and compliance, putting it at risk of exposing sensitive data, large fines, reputational damage, and other consequences. In many cases, it also limits the company's ability to scale up data operations.

This article examines how Satori, a data security platform, gives control of the sensitive data in databases, data warehouses and data lakes to the security teams.

Satori's automated data security platform provides a simple and easy way to meet security and compliance requirements while reducing risk exposure.

Why is Securing Data Stores Hard?#
Security teams don't have good visibility and enforcement of policies regarding access to DBs, data warehouses or data lakes. Take a look at an example.

Nick is a security engineering manager at ACME organization. He is responsible for keeping up with changing security and compliance regulations such as HIPAA, SOC2, and ISO. This is a difficult task since security and compliance regulations are always changing and evolving. Nick is good at his job and can wade through the complexities of the different regulations and determine the necessary security measures to ensure that ACME remains in compliance. This is important so that ACME doesn't fail an audit, expose sensitive data, receive fines or worse.

Then, one day, Nick is suddenly tasked with meeting security and compliance requirements across all of ACME's analytic and production data.

Nick faces a problem. Although he has done his job and determined the necessary steps to ensure security and compliance it is very difficult to actually carry out these steps and implement the security policies. There are several reasons why Nick's job is difficult and frustrating that are explored in more detail below.

Visibility Over Sensitive Data and Logs#
Nick's lack of visibility limits his ability to implement and manage security policies and compliance requirements. Three main sources impede his visibility.


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