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37 people are detained as a violent Balkan criminal cell is dismantled

37 members of a violent criminal cell from the Western Balkans have been detained as a result of an international law enforcement operation facilitated by Europol. This formidable criminal organization, headed by a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, specialized in the extensive trafficking of drugs and weapons throughout Europe.

On May 24, a number of raids were conducted against this gang's members simultaneously throughout Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia. Europol officers stationed locally assisted in coordinating these operations from a command center in Zagreb, Croatia.

A total of 37 suspects were detained during the course of the investigation, including the ringleader of the gang, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina who Europol had identified as a high-value target and who is currently incarcerated in Italy for four years. 15 of these 37 suspects were apprehended as a result of this week's action day.

The detectives were able to determine how this person continued to organize the criminal activities of his gang from the confines of his cell. From there, he is thought to have regularly issued directives and instructions to his subordinates regarding issues involving the trafficking of drugs and weapons.

A prison cell in Belgium, a garage in the Netherlands that was used to store cocaine, and a number of locations in Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina that were housing drugs, weapons, and explosives were among the locations searched during the action day.

arrests and seizures are the outcomes of the criminal investigation.

37 detentions.

Cash totaling EUR 148 000.
18 weapons, including 2 machines guns, and 2 512 rounds of ammunition.
500 grams of TNT with distant detonators.
Over 15 kilograms of cocaine, 11 kilograms of heroin, 3 kilograms of amphetamine, 7 kilograms of marijuana, and 10 kilograms of hashish were found.
uniforms worn by law enforcement.
fake identification cards.


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