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#76 2023-05-25 20:12:16

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Re: uVoucher

Comrade;10004 wrote:
Detroit;7475 wrote:
KingCRP;7460 wrote:

Yes that’s true the uVoucher is solely based on the Utopia p2p application and there is nothing like the uVoucher on the bitcoin network?

Yeah, there's nothing like Uvoucher on the Bitcoin network. The function of this Uvoucher is kind of unnecessary if you ask me and plays no major role in the advancement of this project.

Ii will adivse you not to focus on the presence but rather look at it in a different points of view. Imagine you having a garage without a car .

Do you mean Utopia p2p can ecosystem are actually preparing for the future or you mean its a waste of resources just as he said?...


#77 2023-05-25 21:54:46

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Re: uVoucher

Guys if you having issues creating uVoucher the just head to YouTube type in video on Utopia p2p uVoucher creation video and yku get some move very helpful video that's how I learnt.


#78 2023-05-26 07:56:58

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Re: uVoucher

If you are confused about how to create your Uvoucher here is the link to get your Uvoucher now.
https://www.vidmateapp.com/subpub/yqh5/ … wQQ==&f=wh


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