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#1 2021-11-13 23:59:39

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Open Source - again!

Hi folks,

First day with Up2p. I was browsing and downloading the various offerings, but I was getting some stress because I could not find any (links to) source. Finally I hit the info page, making it clear a lot/most of U will remain closed source. Curiously, I could not find it as a subject here either. So, time to state the painfully obvious: how can this ever become a movement, a mass movement even, if the premise of participation is that we'll have to believe and trust the devs that their code is exactly and does exactly what they say? That the browser delivers YOU the pages and not YOU and the CIA, that the miner is mining CRP and not BTC or being a honeypot proxy or a network attack relay.

I don't think we need to keep on giving examples of how things can go wrong, Q is, how can things go right without source!



#2 2021-11-15 18:04:30

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Re: Open Source - again!

I am personally against the opening of sources. I don't need network forks. You can understand the developers: the software is unique, a lot of effort has been spent, and it is unwise to give it to everyone.

It is curious, but a fact: only 1-2 out of 100,000 users can conduct a real audit of the source code. Open source applications are being hacked much more often.

Thus, open sources become just a tick in marketing.


#3 2021-11-16 14:23:47

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Re: Open Source - again!

The concern is valid, however it is very important to take a pragmatic approach to the subject and recognize the drawbacks of every decision. In this case, the developers felt the drawbacks of having open source (community division through forks primarily, but also potential exploitation) outweigh the potential benefits. While it is true that having the code open makes it available for greater scrutiny and helps gain trust, it certainly does not guarantee greater security as we have seen with so many open protocols in defi today being exploited. Ultimately, the team believes trust will be established over time and the utility of the ecosystem will help gain greater adoption. The team does also intend to obtain a 3rd party audit as well, when the code is ready.

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