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#1 2020-11-20 14:38:40

1984 Group
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19.11.2020 - Network stability upgrade

Dear Utopia Community,

As you have likely noticed, our ecosystem has experienced considerable instability recently and we have released a number of updates as a result. We would like to provide the community with insight about the recent updates so that you may be more fully informed as to their purpose.

A while back we conducted research which showed 97-99 percent of all network traffic was consumed by users for mining purposes. Taking this data into account and following analysis of feedback gained from our users regarding the ecosystem functionality and stability, we made a critical decision to develop an alternative independent network core - one that would be much faster and much more efficient than the existing one. Moreover, all the processes inside the new core would be more transparent.

That decision was the genesis of the UAM - Utopia Alternative Miner.

We have worked tirelessly on UAM development, having started it from scratch. Despite the fact that the UAM was developed independently, it is now fully compatible with the existing network protocol of Utopia. As a result, we now have the latest version of Utopia, which does not contain an embedded miner. Going forward, the only possible tool for mining and network support is the UAM.

After the new core has been completely integrated, we expect a significant decline in issues associated with lost packets, resolving issues with payments and stuck operations in Utopia.

Here is a list of technical issues that need to be resolved at the moment:

1. Small number of mining bots on the network - currently, few users are mining in accordance with the new requirements.

2. Some minor glitches of the network (e.g. lost messages in channels), currently we are working on it.

3. Not all users have updated to the latest version of the Utopia client

The main advantages of the new UAM miner are: speed, mining stability and ease of operating.

There are also a number of advantages for developers: high reliability, predictable behavior of UAM, ease of modifications and changes, improved performance.

Please note that the full functionality of Utopia is only available to users who are running the latest version of the Utopia client. Because of this, we strongly encourage users who are still on previous versions to update your clients and mining bots as soon as possible, as previous versions will soon be disabled.

We wish to thank the entire community for your continued patience with, and commitment to Utopia ecosystem.

Best Regards,
1984 Group Team


#2 2021-11-19 03:04:55

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Re: 19.11.2020 - Network stability upgrade

when will the new core be fully integrated


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