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UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

[This guide has been adapted from TheMerchant's Elite Miner Package Basic Level Guide]

EMP Basic Level Step-by-Step Utopia Mining Bot Guide (Updated for the new Linux-exclusive alternative miner, managing OS may be Windows, Mac OS or Linux)

(Note: If you are not yet an EMP Client and received free access to this documentation, after securing a reliable VPS with Ubuntu OS and obtaining the IP address and root password for your server, please skip down to Step 2(i) if you are a Windows user or Step 2(ii) if you are a Mac OS or Linux user for Step-by-Step guidance on setting up the Utopia mining bot so that you may start supporting the network and earning rewards in the form of Cryptons)

Congratulations and Welcome to the Elite Miner's Guild of Utopia!

By becoming an EMP Client of TheMerchant you have taken the first step on the path to supporting the Utopia network in the most cost-efficient way possible. As you get more comfortable with server and bot management and begin to see the fruit of your network support in the form of accumulating Crypton (CRP) rewards, you may wish to consider upgrading your Elite Miner's Package (EMP) to access Advanced Level exclusive benefits, including even lower cost per VPS bulk orders, exclusive access to TheMerchant's automated scripts, shortcuts and monitoring configuration files, along with an advanced Step-by-Step guide to managing hundreds or thousands of bots using those scripts and files.

After purchasing EMP Basic Level, you will have received a welcome private message (PM) from TheMerchant containing the following information:

(A) EMP Basic Level Step-by-Step Guide (Link to this documentation)
(B) Personalized Access Code/Link to Basic Level Bulk VPS Orders from EMP Provider
(C) Password to the Private Channel, TheMiner: Elite Miner's Guild

Please remember that as an EMP Client you are not required to join TheMiner in order to access TheMerchant's world class customer support, as you have access to his direct help through PM. But if you wish to associate with your fellow EMP Clients and join the Elite Miner's Guild of Utopia, we await you at TheMiner!

Now, let's get started!
Step 1: Purchase Custom Bulk VPS Instances from the EMP Provider

(i) Use (B) Personalized Access Code/Link to reach the custom order page for the bulk 10 VPS instances
(ii) Change the "Operating System" from CentOS to Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 64 Bit, leave all other options unchanged
(iii) Click Continue, Checkout, then complete the payment process with the personal details and payment form of your choosing (Refer to FAQ 14 regarding whether or not you need to enter real information)
(iv) Within 24hrs (usually much less) all 10 servers will have been provisioned for you and you should receive an email for each with the IP address and root password, along with the username and password for the EMP provider's control panel where you can manage each server in your account separately, including confirming server status, reinstalling the OS (If you forgot to select Ubuntu during the order), rebooting the server, etc.

Step 2: Accessing Your Server (VPS instance)

(i) Windows OS - If you are working on a Windows system, the next step is to make sure you have PuTTY installed, a free software that enables Windows users to establish a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to your newly provisioned Linux servers.

Visit https://putty.org for the latest download links.

After installation, run PuTTY and paste your new server's IP address into the Host Name field, leave the default setting of Port 22 and Connection type of SSH and click "Open". If you are connecting to your VPS for the first time, you will get a security alert about the host key not being cached in the registry. Click "Yes" to add the new server's key and connect. Login as "root", then copy the password you received from the VPS Provider into the clipboard and paste it into the password field of the PuTTY SSH session simply by Right-Clicking a single time. Please Note: Using [CTRL + v] to paste will not work in PuTTY's SSH window, you may only paste using a single right-click, even though you will not see any output upon pasting, now press [Enter] key to login. Skip down now to Step 3(i).

(ii) Mac OS or Linux - If you are working on a Mac OS or Linux system, your next step is much easier, as you do not need special software to connect to your new server via SSH (Secure Shell) connection. Open a Terminal window and type in the following command without quotation marks and inserting your new server's IP address: "ssh root@<IP ADDRESS>" Press enter. If you are connecting for the first time, you may get a warning message about the novel key fingerprint of the server. Type "yes" and continue. Paste in the password provided to you by the VPS provider for that particular server and press enter to login.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Bot/Server

(i) Start by ensuring your server's OS files are up to date with the following command: "apt-get update -y"
(ii) Install screen to enable the bot to continue running should you close the SSH session: "apt-get install -y screen"
(iii) Download the latest bot files: "wget -O /root/uam.deb https://update.u.is/downloads/uam/linux/uam-latest_amd64.deb"
(iv) Go to that directory: "cd /root"
(v) Install package: "sudo dpkg -i uam.deb"
(vi) Go to new folder: "cd /opt/uam"
(vii) Make the putty SSH session window full screen
(viii) Run the bot in the foreground to see what the full bot console/output looks like using your own Public Key: "./uam --pk YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY-HERE"
(ix) After getting comfortable with the full console view and outputs, close the bot: CTRL + c (At the same time)
(x) Run the bot in the background using your own Public Key: "screen -dmS uam ./uam --pk YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY-HERE"

-Copy and paste (by right-clicking in PuTTY's SSH session window) each command (without quotation marks)

-This will be the PK of your bot's "master client", where CRP rewards will be earned and where you will be able to view the active bots)

-In observing the bot console of step 3(viii) you will see a message that reads, "Mining requires public IP and high-quality internet connection to work properly. NAT environment without UPnP and public IP is not supported" in red coloured text. This is NOT an error message, but simply a notification or reminder that you may ignore.

-After Step 3(x) it may appear as if nothing happened, this is because the bot process has begun in the background ("Attached to Screen"). In order to view the bot console, use the following command: "screen -x"

-Once in view, you may wish to push the bot back to the background and return to the prompt by pressing [CTRL + a + d] at the same time, but at this point, you should have no reason to do so and you may close the SSH session and the bot will continue running, as your job is finished in setting up your first Utopia bot, congratulations!

-You are advised not to keep watching the bot console because it is like watching paint dry and will make you impatient. Leave it running in the background or close it out, but a new bot can take up to 2 days (Update: now just a couple of hours) to form enough incoming links to become "active" in the sense of earning CRP rewards and appearing in your master client

-Only active bots that have become established on the network will appear in your master client, to view their count, go to the "Statistics" tab under uWallet>Mining, check the "Mining Threads" field under the "Summary" category of data

-To set up the rest of your bots/servers, please repeat Steps 2 and 3 above for each server (When you choose to upgrade to the Advanced Level EMP, you will gain access to an exclusive benefit in the form of TheMerchant's scripts, shortcuts and monitoring configuration files along with an Advanced Step-by-Step Guide that will walk you through the set up of a command server that will help automate the entire set up and update process as well host monitoring configuration files that will help maintain a 99%+ uptime/reward rate for all your active bots)

-The current bot version can run for weeks without interruption, but occasionally a bot may unexpectedly abort, so after you have confirmed all bots have begun earning you rewards, be sure to check the master client at least once per day to confirm the mining thread count is as it should be. If it shows a stable number less than 10 (or however many servers you are running) then you should check your servers to see which bot has terminated and restart it by executing Step 3(x) with your Public Key. (Restarting aborted bots is done automatically, without any user intervention, for Advanced Level EMP Clients who follow the Advanced Guide and make use of TheMerchant's custom server management files)

Step 4: Updating Your Bot/Server

When new bot files are released as part of an update to the Utopia software, updating your bot files is often a requirement to continue supporting the network and receiving CRP rewards. When you choose to upgrade to Advanced Level EMP, this process will be as simple as rebooting your server. But for now, please follow the steps below:

(i) Connect to your server using the instructions in Step 2 or if you have an SSH session open monitoring your bot console, press [CTRL + c] to terminate the bot
(ii) Remove the outdated bot package: "sudo apt remove uam.deb"
(iii) Delete the outdated bot file: "rm -rf /root/uam.deb"
(iv) Repeat Steps 3(iii) to 3(x) to download, install and run the updated bot, making sure to use your own Public Key
(v) Repeat Steps 4(i) to 4(iv) for each server you are running

Congratulations! You are now helping to support a censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer network designed to help users around the world maintain their privacy and exercise their freedom of expression and association with anyone they choose. You are helping to recreate the internet as we know it and enabling a digital privacy revolution! As compensation for this important work, you are also earning the future of private, digital money in the form of Crypton (CRP) mining rewards.

"Honour Above Greed" -TheMerchant


#2 2021-09-20 08:59:36

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

Before you rent an expensive server, I advise you to first try to do it on the minimum possible server


#3 2021-09-24 05:56:03

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

very detailed information, thank you for the information


#4 2021-11-09 10:50:43

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

very good article thanks for the information, I keep learning


#5 2021-12-19 10:15:57

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

"Step 1: Purchase Custom Bulk VPS Instances from the EMP Provider"

Where one can order this?
Whats the price per bulk of 10 vps?
Whats the spec of that vps? I assume just enough for 1 uam bot?


#6 2024-05-27 22:26:29

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

Obtain Necessary Permissions: Ensure you have the appropriate permits and permissions from local mining authorities to deploy autonomous mining bots.
Safety Training: Provide safety training for all personnel involved in the deployment and operation of the UAM bot.


#7 2024-05-27 22:50:37

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

Ensure all team members are equipped with necessary PPE including helmets, gloves, and safety glasses.
Step 2: Hardware Setup
Unpacking: Carefully unpack the UAM mining bot and inspect all components for damage during transit


#8 2024-05-30 01:57:22

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Re: UAM Mining Bot Step-by-Step Guide

Conduct a site survey to create a detailed map of the mining area. Use LiDAR, GPS, or other mapping technologies as recommended.
Upload Map: Upload the site map to the UAM bot’s control software.


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