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#1 2022-03-15 21:51:46

1984 Group
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Crypton 2.0 and other important protocol updates

Dear Utopia Community,

On March, 18th, 2022 Utopia will activate a new treasury mechanism called 'Crypton 2.0' to prevent mining malpractice and support Crypton value.

After update is applied, Utopia network will support mass participation of miners, each with a minimum required stack of at least 32 CRP on balance per thread. Each healthy network miner's thread will be credited according to the current reward schedule.

Kindly note, the minimum balance per thread is adjustable amount and can be increased or decreased according to network conditions.

To support the possibility of creating pools and community managed mining processes Utopia will announce a new feature that will allow participants to temporary delegate Cryptons to a miner  without losing the control over the funds. The feature is planned to go live in 2nd quarter of 2022 along with other updates.

The latest update of Utopia and UAM also includes improved PSR and anti-DPI mechanisms. Both updates will result in less traffic usage and bypassing Deep Packet Inspection systems found in many Internet Service Providers which block access to certain protocols or applications.

New version of Utopia provides a major upgrade to built-in P2P network packet forwarding. Faster and more reliable tunneling feature allows smooth website loading within Utopia network. Due to severity of the changes made to the protocol, the upgrade is not backward compatible and you will need to update Utopia to access the new tunnels.

Please update your desktop clients and UAM appliances as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
1984 Group Team


#2 2022-03-21 13:12:24

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Re: Crypton 2.0 and other important protocol updates

it was a good step.


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