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#1 2022-05-17 20:28:16

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[3CRP Reward] Simplified User Interface Survey


Utopia Ecosystem has seen great influx of users and use case is evident with the price of Crypton. However, a need is felt to get user feedback in an effort to simplify the UI for users who are new, not only to Utopia but are beginners in general.

This survey has been made to gather input from users so that a simplified UI in a form of Basic / Novice Mode can be introduced making Utopia easy to use even for those users who are not tech savvy.

We are grateful for the time you are going to contribute for this survey in an effort to further improve Utopia Ecosystem. As a thank you all participants will be given 3 Crypton.


Utopia / Clearnet : friendlybytes.com/simpleui

Your dedicated input will ensure a better user experience for new users.


p.s. You can ask your queries in 'Utopia Chat Lobby' and 'Hackology' channel in Utopia Client


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