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#1 2021-02-18 15:44:24

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Computer Networking vs. Computer Science

Hello everyone. A short while ago I stumbled upon your website while searching for answers to some concerns that I have. Some other new posters here had similar problems to my own, and I saw that the input from people here was excellent. Figured I'd give it a shot.

Let me start out with saying I am a 21 year old student of a community college. I have been attending, drifting really, for 3 years without getting serious in any type of degree. It took a few years but I have finally decided on settling upon either a computer sciences degree or networking.

My concern is that without as indepth an understanding of both professions as I would like, I can't make an educated choice on which degree I should focus on. I am certainly not new to computers, but the knowledge I possess is paltry compared to most first year computer-anything students.

Now with computer networking, I am in love with everything I have seen offered. The ability to integrate vast networks of computers is intriguing. It seems to me that computer networking is not only a good choice for it being something I can enjoy, but will also earn me a good salary.

Computer sciences covers very interesting topics that I wouldn't mind learning about. Theorizing in such things as robotics and artificial intelligence would be an amazing thing to do with my life. As good as having a career with networking may be, I find that POSSIBLY with computer sciences, I can do something more epic in my life. My hesitation is the actual way in which I apply computer sciences to my profession. Is it really all programming and writing code, spending countless hours in front of a computer, getting carpel tunnel syndrome, and inevitably punching a fax machine with my bare hands?

While I find the topics of computer sciences to be truly interesting, I fear the reality of implementing those "theorizes" will result in me hating computer sciences, my job, life etc.

Let me add that I wish to attend a 4 year school -live on campus, party, etc- if I was to start my networking. One of the most daunting tasks is finding a school that would be a correct fit. The college I attend can't really help me out since they only want me to attend colleges they have a compact with, in the Massachusetts area/Rhode Island, and only two schools or so offer networking. I don't wish to attend any schools around my area so anywhere in the US is preferable. So anyone with recommendations to any good networking colleges where I can get a true college experience would be helpful also.

I think what would be most helpful from anyone who reads my post here would perhaps be some insight into what I can come to expect from each of the degrees/professsions listed above. In most situations in life, you can weigh the good and the bad to make an informed decisions, but it seems I can't get a firm handle on what the bad would be of the professions I am interested in. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and answers this long winded post.


#2 2021-02-19 10:50:33

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Re: Computer Networking vs. Computer Science

HI Andvarix and welcome to the TS Forum

I will say that if i was you I would go for the science side, Networking is OK but here in the UK there are plenty of out of work Networkers.

Science is a good option, you may be the guy who finally fulfills asimov's dream, who knows

At the end of the day the choice is yours and you shouldnt be influenced by what others think,


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