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Is Utopia a concealed miner?

I think this should be moved to FAQ, but since I don't know where I should post it, I post it here.
I will answer this question in easiest way possible: games. I picked games that I have on my computer, and most of them are old. V-Sync is always on, so max FPS is 60. Also, resolution is always native (1366x768). Keep in mind that Utopia can use up to 27% of CPU power in my case, and it doesn't drop if Task Manager is open, if it is a real miner - it's a really bad miner.

Computer specs are: i3-6006U (2 cores 2 threads) + 920MX + 8GB RAM and second monitor which needs some computing power, too.

Network mode in Utopia was set to Normal traffic mode.

OS: Windows 10 Pro version 20H2 without any modifications.

FPS monitoring software: RivaTuner Server.

Need For Speed Underground 2. Ultra settings, besides over bright because it's annoying.

  Utopia online: 30 FPS, without lags or FPS drops. Playable.

  Utopia offline: 60 FPS.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Emulator: Citra Nightly 1694 with 4x Native (1600x960) internal resolution. Everything else is default.

  Utopia online: 37-45 FPS with drops to 6 FPS sometimes. Playable... maybe
  Utopia offline: same, but without any drops. Playable.

  Euro Truck Simulator 2/TruckersMP. Medium graphics preset. City: Berlin.

  Utopia online: 55 fps if nobody is arround you and 33 if there are a few players arround you. Playable.
  Utopia offline: same results

Before this, I tested old games with poor graphics. But now...

  Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012). Ultra LOW graphics.

  Utopia online: 60 FPS, can drop at difficult scenes which hurts your eyes. Sometimes even 25 FPS drops! It is recommended to lock FPS   
  to 30.

  Utopia offline: Almost perfect 60 FPS.

Now I will add results with a miner on. I will test only one game - Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012. Race: Downtown Run and ultra LOW graphics.

Miner: MinerGate xFast Miner version v.1.7. Only 1 processor core was used. Coin: XMR.

Utopia online: 50 FPS at begining of the race, 37 at the end, with one drop to 25 FPS.

Miner online: 50-60 FPS at begining, 30 at the end with a drop to 17 once upon a time.

Utopia is not a miner!
Update: when I switched to MinerGate when test was over I've seen that it didn't mine. And crashed when I clicked something.

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Re: Is Utopia a concealed miner?

That is some really neat and simple analysis which everyone can reproduce


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