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We are pleased to present you a channel for those looking for earnings or personnel for organizations! Ad placement is free of charge!

Channel ID: 87C51128F43D87E4F9613474E5DCCCF5

For all questions, you can contact me in private messages using the public key: 4FB62131A403EE7D00C0ECAA85D68A6F8C21B717023B45EF8B26F81C03DF1A18

The rules of the channel are simple: do not flood. For free communication, a warning is issued for the first time, and a block is issued for the second time. Ads only!

Sample for submitting an application:

- The name of the organization, channel, website – the name of the structure where workers are required
- Vacant position
- The essence and meaning of the work/job responsibilities
- Requirements for the applicant (mandatory/desirable)
- The form of remuneration/amount. Preference is given to payment in the CRP, but you are free to choose any form of it
- Contacts for feedback (ONLY WITHIN THE UTOPIA ECOSYSTEM, please, exchange social networks and other things in personal messages)
The template for filling out the application is located in the first message of the channel. If you didn't find it, it's okay, the moderator will duplicate it for you when submitting an application!


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