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#76 2023-03-18 23:53:59

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Re: No option to connect Utopia p2p account to an email

Kelechi;5911 wrote:

I don't see how you use a password that you may be prone to forget, although the case of forgetting your password exist but try to self a complicated password that is Only visible to you.

I think you said this because you have never been in a situation where you manage about 15 accounts that has different password because in such a situation it is easy to forget password.


#77 2023-03-19 12:30:05

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Re: No option to connect Utopia p2p account to an email

Detroit;5969 wrote:

Using an open-source password manager to save passwords seems to be risky.  what if the system gets compromised both by hackers or an insider decodes to sell out some pieces of information to another party?

It is open source for a reason, and that is you can verify its code to be sure, even if you do not have the skills to verify codes, there are thousands and possibly millions of people using it, of which many of them are developers and skilled coders, so they will update users if there is any problem with the code. Hackers cannot compromise the system, but if you do not keep your master key password safe, then hackers can break into your own account.


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