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#1 2020-12-28 13:31:32

1984 Group
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1984 Group team wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

New year celebrations are a few days away. Therefore is is time to recall and evaluate our past year's achievements. Despite tough year 2020 for the whole of the humanity, 1984 Group has been doing our best to improve Utopia. Of course, not everything went as smoothly as we would like. Extensive functionality of Utopia ecosystem, that is fully based on P2P architecture with no central servers, caused unexpected routing problems that effected overall ecosystem's stability. Utopia relies on miners to enhance the connectivity within the system, while miners depend on the stability of mining nodes. Unfortunately, our attempts to improve the current mining software have failed.

As a result we have decided to create an alternative miner from scratch that is compatible with Utopia (hence no hard-fork) while avoiding problems of the old miner altogether. The result is UAM (Utopia Alternative Miner), developed by a team of best 1984 Group's specialists. At the moment over 95% of Utopia nodes are UAM nodes. The new mining software has proven to perform well resulting in return of overall network stability. We have accomplished this task thanks to your help, support from each of you who remained a believer over the challenging days.
Regained Utopia stability has allowed 1984 Group to re-focus on the main objective: developing functionality for secure and safe communication. Make your websites available within Utopia network, create group chats and news channels, communicate with your partners and friends, pay with Crypton and create new services for fellow Utopia users. We leave the decision to save the world from censorship or make money up to you, and we at 1984 Group will bring together the enthusiasts and create a technical base for safe work.

While one part of our team was busy developing UAM, the other part implemented Texas Hold'em poker within Utopia ecosystem. If you are interested in a multiplayer game within P2P network, we suggest that you try the game along other Utopia users. Soon Utopia volunteers will organize a tournament with valuable prizes.

The upcoming year 2021 will be the year of success for Utopia cryptocurrency. This year Crypton was noted by numerous media outlets. Most of them were impressed by functionality and benefits that include privacy, low transaction fees and ease of use for merchants and users. Only 3 seconds needed to confirm a transaction within Utopia network. Improvement of Crypton's liquidity has been highlighted as one of the priorities for year 2021. Within several months Crypton will be listed at new exchanges under CRP ticker. At the modern world, payment privacy is a top priority, and Crypton is well positioned to fulfil the role of such payment mean.

We highly admire the fact, that a lot of users appreciated privacy and safely of communication within Utopia ecosystem while using it on a daily basis. The number of channels and registered uNS (Utopia Name System) is rising drastically. We are confident that this trend will persist in 2021 and Utopia will gain millions of new users. In the upcoming year a Self-Governance based on Humane Society system will be launched. The best ideas will get grants and ready made implementations will get sponsorship and subsidies by 1984 Group.

This year has reinforced our believe that surveillance by governments and corporations will grow. The trend to limit individual liberties under pretence of fighting epidemic or political enemies is on the rise. Corporations and government agencies seem to be determined to get to hidden corners of our consciousness for their own benefit. They are confident that they know what we think, feel and capable of determining our own future.

Our goal in 2021 is to continue our struggle for a right to stay free. Eight years have passed since Utopia was founded. We are working hard so that each of you can decide for yourself what information to share, with whom to communicate and what activities to engage in. Our goal is to rerun freedom of expression, freedom of choice, privacy of communication and payment. Obviously, all of us may face obstacles along the way, and we are ready to overcome those obstacles with no motivation loss.

1984 Group is a group of highly professional and motivated individuals that believe in higher purpose of our ideas and dedicated to follow them for the sake of achieving the results. Nevertheless we cannot change the world on our own, and we need help from those that share our ideas. Fill our platform with content, create websites, channels, communicate, play and, most importantly, let others know that there are those that are still willing to change the current course of events. Meanwhile we will complete the development of mobile apps to fully cover the audience that share our ideas.

We wish you and your families happiness, excellent health, and prosperity in the year 2021! Always follow your heart and stay true to your ideas. Let year 2021 be better with Utopia!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

1984 Group.


#2 2020-12-29 15:55:19

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Re: 1984 Group team wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the team aswell !!!

It good to see how quickly updates are being pushed and improved are not visible in the platform , hope that it continues as new users are joining everyday and it's matter of time before Utopia will be the go-to app when anyone would want to achieve privacy and true security ...


#3 2020-12-30 03:52:25

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Re: 1984 Group team wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year Team! Great share. It would be great if you can shed more light on "Self-Governance based on Humane Society system"

I think if we can somehow integrate miner in Utopia App, it can push adoption to next level. Just my Two cents.



#4 2020-12-30 12:58:23

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Re: 1984 Group team wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the entire Utopia development and promotion team, together we will achieve the freedom that humanity needs through this great ecosystem.




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