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#1 2023-05-14 16:47:12

1984 Group
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Utopia Airdrop - 11,111 winners daily

I'm excited to announce the Utopia Airdrop program sponsored by the 1984 Group.

The Utopia Airdrop is an opportunity for users to receive Crypton, the base currency of the Utopia decentralized ecosystem, without any effort. Simply being online in Utopia automatically enters you into the daily drawing for a chance to receive free Crypton.

Every day, 11,111 lucky winners will be chosen to receive the rewards. You don't have to do anything except be online in Utopia. This is a great opportunity to be part of the Utopia community and benefit from its growing ecosystem.

The Utopia Airdrop program offers rewards on a daily basis and payouts are based on the amount and period selected. Here is the schedule for daily rewards with their respective payout terms:

- 10,000 rewards per day with a payout of 0.01 CRP every 9 seconds
- 1,000 rewards per day with a payout of 0.1 CRP every 86 seconds
- 100 rewards per day with a payout of 1 CRP every 864 seconds
- 10 rewards per day with a payout of 10 CRP every 144 minutes
- 1 reward per day with a payout of 100 CRP every 24 hours

Users can take part in the Airdrop reward program and receive payouts based on the schedule listed above. The program aims to promote participation in the Utopia ecosystem and reward users for their active involvement. It is important to note that the Airdrop reward program is subject to change based on the discretion of 1984 Group.

All the rewards for Utopia Airdrop are being paid from the own savings of CRP of the 1984 Group purchased on market. This program is our way of showing appreciation to our dedicated users and growing community.

As you know, Crypton is the base currency of Utopia decentralized ecosystem, and its value is constantly increasing due to its unique features, like untraceable transactions, instant processing time, and anonymity. By participating in Utopia Airdrop, you'll have the chance to grow your Crypton holdings and benefit from the flourishing ecosystem.

Remember that we'll randomly choose 11,111 winners every day, so the more time you spend online in Utopia, the greater your chances of receiving a reward. And don't forget that all rewards will be automatically deposited into your Utopia wallet.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Utopia community now and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get free Crypton. Let's build a strong and united community together!

Thank you for being a part of the Utopia community.

Current status of the Utopia Airdrop: ACTIVE

Update 18.04.2024; 11:00 UTC; Upgrade to version 1.3.230 (desktop) or 1.3.32 (mobile) to participate in Airdrop program.

Update 10.08.2023; 11:00 UTC; Upgrade to version 1.2.600 to participate in Airdrop program.

Update 07.06.2023; 19:00 UTC; Set the Utopia Airdrop program to active.

We have some exciting news to share with you all today. The Airdrop status has been changed to active! This means that all users can now participate in the Airdrop by simply updating their Utopia to the latest version available. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to earn some extra Cryptons!

(Archive) Update 14.05.2023; 16:00 UTC; Set the Utopia Airdrop program to pause.

We would like to inform you that we have decided to pause the Utopia Airdrop program currently running on our network. While the program has been successful so far and rewards have been periodically distributed, we have recently noticed a significant number of weak nodes appearing running Utopia. This has led to issues with the network and could potentially result in dishonest participation that could affect the overall performance of the Utopia ecosystem.

Therefore, we are taking immediate action to address this issue by fixing both the routing and Airdrop reward payout terms to eliminate the negative impact that these weak nodes may have on the network. We are grateful for this stress test of Utopia network, as it enables us to improve the resistance and robustness of the system to any external influence, intentional or not.

We understand that this news may be disappointing to some of you who were participating in the Airdrop program, but we want to assure you that we are working hard to resume the program as soon as possible with improved and more reliable terms. Our commitment to providing you with the best possible user experience remains unchanged.


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