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#1 Re: General Discussion » Beware of crypto recovery services! » Yesterday 19:26:01

oba;11659 wrote:

It depends on the decentralized platform you're talking about in particular but if you're relating to just cryptocurrency, there's no way the decentralization cryptocurrency can be comprise if it can the government would have done it long ago.

The government cannot run a decentralized system cause they depend on regulation and control. Even with the CBDCs they are planning it would be highly centralized and give them even more control than their fiat system does.

#2 Re: General Discussion » Warning: Don’t leave your funds on an exchange/crypto service » Yesterday 19:20:15

Camavinga;11719 wrote:

Investing in cryptocurrency futures offers more opportunities and potential to grow a portfolio. Simply put, the leverage available in futures trades can easily enhance a portfolio multi-fold within a single trade.

Leverage is a risky thing to play with cause while it can enhance a portfolio it can also wreck your holdings within a short period of time if the market goes against you.

It is a form of trading and anyone who does not have the needed technical skill should not engage in it, just buy and hold.

#3 Re: General Discussion » Warning: Don’t leave your funds on an exchange/crypto service » Yesterday 19:15:22

Detroit;11709 wrote:

By utilizing encryption technology, cryptocurrencies can serve as both a currency and an accounting system. The use of encryption technologies means that cryptocurrencies function both as a currency and as a virtual accounting system.

How do you mean a virtual accounting system? Crypto already has encryption technology which helps protect your wallets and the blockchain, how can we utilize this to form an accounting system and how is crypto not already a financial system?

I already view utopia as a private, decentralized accounting system.

#4 Re: Channels and Groups » Let's have a sport board » Yesterday 19:11:54

It is the second half of the German cup final and it is a goalless draw so far between Leipzig and Frankfurt. My bet is on Leipzig to win the competition for the second season running.

This second half should bring lots of action.

#5 Re: General Discussion » Qatar World Cup 2022: Predict the potential winner - get 500 CRP » Yesterday 16:02:48

Lanistergame2;11503 wrote:

Manchester City 2 : 1 Manchester United.

I correctly predicted the scoreline of today's final although I did not stake any bets on it, it was just an educated guess based on my expectations of the match.

The derby is over and Manchester City are one step closer to a very famous treble which would be the first for the club and the third in his career as a coach.

#6 Re: Questions and Help » What are the other cool features you like? » Yesterday 15:25:39

Kelechi;11292 wrote:

Well I strongly believe that Utopia p2p has not reached its full potentials just yet and we should just hang on would definitely be amazed by what it does.

There would always be room for improvement at any point in the progress of the utopia system. I am already amazed by how much utopia has achieved in the couple of years it has been active and I am very excited for what lies ahead in this journey.

#7 Re: Questions and Help » Online and Offline feature now available » Yesterday 15:11:26

Europ;11637 wrote:

I m very much assure of that, and its more essential we keep contributing our idea, support and time to the great work done so far.

And after submitting our suggestions we should give the admin time to work on the suggestions and decide which of them they wish to implement and which they do not want to.

No one should pressure the team to action.

#8 Re: Questions and Help » Question about Ai » Yesterday 15:09:21

IyaJJJ;11075 wrote:

It is not citizens might be against artificial intelligence technology because we have a situation where common people don't like the idea of artificial intelligence technology due to the fear of losing their job which is what I totally agree but with some regulation, things will be understood and controlled. However, I also haven't seen a country that claimed to invest in artificial intelligence technology

You are right about it working with some regulations to check how AI is introduced to the communities. Any system which is introduced would bring some changes but we do not have to be focused on the negative end when there are many positive changes that would come with the use of AI technology.

This would also not be something that happens in a day so we would have time to adjust to the changes and not negatively affect to many worker.

#9 Re: General Discussion » Qatar World Cup 2022: Predict the potential winner - get 500 CRP » Yesterday 14:59:16

1 : 1 at the break at wembley. Goals from Gundogan with a wonder volley within seconds of the start of the game and an equalizer from the spot by Bruno Fernandez midway through the half.

THe game is perfectly balanced but a bit tight with both teams not playing up to their normal standards. The second half promises to be more exciting.

#10 Re: General Discussion » Beware of crypto recovery services! » Yesterday 14:54:16

CrytoCynthia;11550 wrote:

The best way to make sure that lost coins can be traced is by making cryptocurrency centralized but the question is can we compromise the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency for that.

Crypto is different and unique cause it is decentralized and there is no central body controlling it. Also all transactions can be seen and traced on the blockchain you can just not reverse the transaction.

The best ways to tackle lost coins is to prevent it by teaching people how to browse safely and protect their assets.

#11 Re: General Discussion » Qatar World Cup 2022: Predict the potential winner - get 500 CRP » 2023-06-02 19:25:30

Camavinga;11497 wrote:

What are your predictions for Manchester City and Manchester United tomorrow at the FA Cup finals? Manchester ityill definitely destroy Manchester United. I am positive about it.

Manchester City 2 : 1 Manchester United.

I feel there would be extra time, so a one - one draw across 90 minutes and city win the match in extra time to avoid the strain of penalties.

#12 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2023-06-02 19:22:58

JONSNOWING;11461 wrote:

it’s just a matter of time the Cryptoin coin might get to the top listing coin and gather all traffic’s they need for publicity

I totally agree with you. Crypton is growing day by day and very soon would be a staple coin in the crypto world. Top 10 or top 20 by market cap is not out of reach as long as it maintains a solid community behind it.

#13 Re: Channels and Groups » The forum special board » 2023-06-02 19:20:50

Comrade;11448 wrote:

If the Utopia p2p team are to appoint a moderator at this moment, what are the role do you expect the moderator to play at this stage.

- Ensure spam posts are removed,
- Ensure threads are made in fitting boards and move them if they are not,
- Follow whatever official rules is determined and enforce them within the extent of their authority,
- They should also have the flexibility to make decisions on their own and not just follow rules set in stone.

#14 Re: Channels and Groups » Let's have a sport board » 2023-06-02 19:18:30

Kelechi;11474 wrote:

Well this year's DFB pokal cup is a little bit less of what we are already used to, we normally see Bayern Munich go against Dortmund but now we have RB Leipzig taking on Eintracht Frankfurt.

That is the kind of surprise you can get from football. It gets boring for me when we have the same badge appearing in a competition over many years.
But looking at it critically the shift from the norm started last season when Leipzig won the title against Freiburg and are now in the final fighting for a chance to win it again.

#15 Re: Channels and Groups » Let's have a sport board » 2023-06-02 17:02:24

As we look ahead to the UEFA champions league final, we have to make a quick stop at the league cup finals of both the English Premier league and the German bundesliga. The Manchester derby would determine the English FA cup tomorrow in one of two major finals MAnchester city would play in 8 days. We are guaranteed to have new champions after Liverpool won it last season

In the DFB Pokal final, RB Leipzig takes on Eintracht Frankfurt in what promises to be an intense final. Leipzig are looking to retain their title.

#16 Re: General Discussion » Warning: Don’t leave your funds on an exchange/crypto service » 2023-06-02 16:57:27

CrytoCynthia;11350 wrote:

Decentralized exchange and centralized exchange has nothing to do with speed of transaction, they are almost very much alike in their activities the major difference between them both is that one protects your privacy the other doesn't.

Privacy is only one of the differences between decentralized exchanges and centralized ones. There is the factor of control where centralized exchanges hold your funds and you do not have the private keys to assets you own, they can choose to freeze or lock up your coins at any time based on their discretion. Decentralized exchanges do not hold your keys and cannot tamper with your coins at any time.

#17 Re: General Discussion » Beware of crypto recovery services! » 2023-06-02 16:54:18

MRBEAST;11381 wrote:

I don't think there is a a unit in the FBI or security services what have you that is title crypto recovery services so if this service is not recognized by any government then it's risky to coin.

Government recognition is not what determines the credibility of a service or project. The crypto industry is unregulated and most governments do not recognize it, but it is still waxing strong after all these years.

Verify and not trust, with the understanding of how irreversible crypto transactions are, even a unit in the government on recovery services would still be a scam to me.

#18 Re: General Discussion » Qatar World Cup 2022: Predict the potential winner - get 500 CRP » 2023-06-02 16:51:27

IyaJJJ;11402 wrote:

Yes, the final of the UEFA Champion league final is always very boring because the two football club that qualify for the final always focus on not making any mistake that will lead to goal.

I honestly cannot remember when last we had a boring final in the UEFA champions league. A game being tight and keenly fought and the players being careful does not make the match boring, it sometimes even adds to the tension and makes the outcome more dramatic.

I expect a great game of football and interplay of attacking and defensive tactics in a bid to be kings of Europe.

#19 Re: General Discussion » Binance listing » 2023-06-02 16:48:33

It is very possible for Binance to list crypton on their exchange. The team would need to make an official submission cause it is a centralized exchange and one cannot just simply create a trading pair as it is possible of decentralized exchanges.

With time and liquidity more exchange listings would be rolling in case the team would have a stronger case when applying to be on Binance, coinbase or any other top exchange.

#20 Re: General Discussion » How to create watch-only wallet » 2023-06-02 16:45:06

MRBEAST;11380 wrote:

Well Utopia p2p uWallet is not like other wallet, it has an inbuilt wallet in their ecosystem, it's highly protected and hard to penetrate, so you can't create your own watch only wallet outside the application neither can you create it in the application.

Alright, thank you for your assistance. I am not fully convinced by your submission and would wait for more answers from forum users to clear up my confusion.

The security of Utopia wallet was never in doubt, I was just asking a specific question.

#21 General Discussion » How to create watch-only wallet » 2023-06-01 21:06:06

Replies: 5

As the topic entails, I would like to know if it is possible to create a watch-only wallet on utopia and how to go about it.

Wallet security is the most paramount topic in crypto and we are constantly exploring ways to keep our funds away from the reach of scammers. An offline wallet is one of the best ways to do this but I need a watching only wallet I can use to monitor my assets.

I would appreciate any suggestions given.

#22 Re: Channels and Groups » Let's have a sport board » 2023-06-01 21:02:42

KingCRP;11375 wrote:

Guys I just felt like putting my money on inter Milan to defeat Manchester city in thjs year's UEFA champions league, I Know it might not be the smartest decision but I am going with it regardless.

Smart decisions do not always win. As long as you are staking responsibly and not splurging your entire finds into a gamble you are good.

I have seen more stunning upsets happen in the world of football so there is definitely the probability that this could happen.

#23 Re: Channels and Groups » channel for writers » 2023-06-01 21:00:43

PEACEMAKER;11349 wrote:

The results might not be very obvious now or they may be, but be rest assured the team is doing a lot of work.

The results are obvious to me from my perspective on how much progress the utopia project has made over the last couple of years.
Utopia has really come a long way and looking to establish itself as one of the leading platforms in crypto.

Kudos to the admin, devs and the entire team.

#24 Re: Channels and Groups » Let's have a sport board » 2023-06-01 20:58:41

Dozie;11369 wrote:

Well even with previous matches and form all that can be wrong when the match ends, it's important to always check previous matches but I would not advice anyone to bank on that alone while gambling.

When gambling you can only consider current form, home or away advantage, previous head to head meetings, any injuries or suspensions. All this could be wrong in the end but they are tools that would shape your prediction. There is no guarantee when predicting, you are just taking a gamble and hoping to win.

#25 Re: General Discussion » Warning: Don’t leave your funds on an exchange/crypto service » 2023-06-01 20:22:01

Camavinga;11133 wrote:

One of the primary aims of a decentralized exchange is to complete the transaction more quickly and cost-effective as compared to the centralized exchanges. They achieve this by removing the intermediaries that charge a cut in the form of transaction fees on the centralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges are not particularly faster than centralized ones, centralized exchanges can link a trading pair pretty quickly and complete a buy order, decentralized exchanges depend on how quickly the buyer and seller can complete an order.

The main aim of decentralized exchanges is to remove the need for a middle man.

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